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Amazon Prime Entertainment

 The Hanna Season 3: Release Date, Cast ,Plot And Know AII Major Updates

 Hanna is Amazon’s highest-rated series with two seasons released so far. It is produced by David Farr and produced by Hugh Warren. Starring Esme Creed-Miles, Joel Kinnaman, Dermot Mulroney, Noah Taylor, and Mireille Enos in the lead roles.

The Amazon series is inspired by a movie called Hanna in 2011. It is the story of a young woman who has extraordinary powers. The series has high ratings and has also received critical acclaim, particularly for its performance in the cast.

So after watching all the episodes of the second season, now everyone is looking forward to a new season.

 The Show Hanna Season 3 Amazon Prime

Yes, Amazon Prime has renewed the show Hanna for the third season. The streaming giant didn’t take long, and season 3 was announced right after the second season premiered. This was to be expected as everyone has given her a lot love and fans would like to see more of Hanna’s story.

When We Can Get Hanna Season 3 On Amazon Prime?

Hanna’s third season is reportedly in the early stages of development. Work on the script continues and production will take longer. This may be due to the persistent coronavirus epidemic. Amazon has stopped working on several projects for security reasons.

Amazon Prime has not set a release date for new episodes of the action-drama series. Sources say we will have to wait until the end of 2021 for Hannah season 3. We hope you will not face any delay as fans are eagerly awaiting you.

Hanna Season 3: Other Major Details To Know

These stars will return for the third season of the Amazon series: Hannah as Esme Creed-Miles, Marissa Weigler as Meryle Enos, and Utrax boss John Carmichael as Dermott Mulroney. Unfortunately, there are no details for the story of the third season; We will be again soon with more updates.

Entertainment TV Show

 The Mandalorian Season 2: Release Date, Cast , Plot All Details About Know

After months and months of anticipation and wait we finally have some news about The Mandalorian returning and so we are here to give our readers all the news possible about the upcoming The Mandalorian season 2.So, without wasting time let us get into all the details about The Mandalorian season 2.


Disney+ has finally released the premiere date for The Mandalorian season 2 that is October 30, 2020, season 2 will only premiere in the US and the UK first, the show will see a weekly release until its finale in December.

Jon Favreau had already reassured all the fans that the pandemic has not affected the show as all the filming was finished earlier only the editing was left which was completed by the tech-savvy crew so we are grateful that the show will premiere on time.


Here is a list of cast members we will see in The Mandalorian season 2.

  •  Pedro Pascal as Mandalorian
  • Carl Weathers as bounty hunter boss Greef Karga
  • Gina Carano as ex-soldier Cara Dune
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon
  • Michael Biehn as a bounty hunter
  • Katee Sackhoff as a warrior Bo-Katan Kryze
  •  Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano


Well, naturally very little is known about the plot of the series, we will see alot of action-filled episodes while Mandalorian is on a quest to find the truth about the Child’s origins. We will also see a new villain Moff Gideon so we must get ready for alot of adventure and action we will also see baby Yoda, that is all for today we will keep our readers updated on the latest news about The Mandalorian season 2 until then continue reading with us

Entertainment TV Show

The Masked Singer Season 4: Release Date, Cast ,Plot And More Details Update Know

The Masked Singer is one of a kind show that has served its fans for about three seasons, and now we have a piece of good news as the show will be back for another season 4, we will see many more new contestants. So, without wasting time, let us get into the details for The Masked Singer season 4.


Well, all the fans desperately waiting for season 4 of The Masked Singer can finally rejoice as the show is coming back on September 23, 2020, so the wait is yet over; season 4 is going to be more colorful and exciting according to the makers.

Fans can watch the show on the Fox website, Hulu, or FoxNow via Google Play, iTunes, Kindle Fire, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV. Hence, there is an option for everyone. We have Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy rejoining the show as the judges.


Well, a new duo has landed on The Masked Singer stage, and fans are going gaga over their costume; the new two-headed owl costume has been grabbing all the attention lately, and this time judges will not only be hunting one celebrity but two, so it will be a more challenging job for the audience and the judges.

The Masked Singer will look very different from usual because the pandemic people will be more spaced out, and all precautions will be taken while filming so do let us know if you are as excited as us for the new season of the show.

That is all for today. We will keep our readers updated on the latest news about The Masked Singer Season 4 until then, continue reading with us!

Amazon Prime Entertainment TV Show

New Amsterdam Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Updates.

New Amsterdam is a famous American Tv series that was aired on NBC. The show was based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer, this was premiered on 25 September 2018The creator of the show was David Schulner. The medical drama was praised for its different story plot, which helped the two seasons long show’s creators to maintain it’s fan base. In January 2020, NBC renewed the sequence for the third season.

New Amsterdam Season 3: Release Date

The second season New Amsterdam, was not even concluded when the creators officially announced three more seasons on the list. The makers have not published the release date, but it’s expected to be airing in September 2020. However, nothing can be told as of now because of the pandemic. There might be chances of getting it to postpone because of COVID-19.

The Original Plan for Season 3

In an interview, the creator David Schulner revealed that the plan for season 2 was to put the hurricane plot in the finale episode. The hurricane episode was supposed to be a massive cliffhanger, but nothing happened as the pandemic enrolled.

New Amsterdam Season 3: Story Plot

The story of the New Amsterdam revolves around Dr. Max Goodwin, a brilliant and handsome person who’s the new medical director at America’s oldest public hospital. He’s attempting to tear up the bureaucracy and provide improved care to the patients.

New Amsterdam Season 2 was ended before it was expected, due to the ongoing international pandemic. The creators also held off the episode named ‘pandemic,’ from the second season, which was expected to be similar to an ongoing situation. The makers have not disclosed the plot of season 3, but it would be loving to see how the makers take off the story further.

New Amsterdam Season 3: Cast

  • Ryan Eggold as Maximus
  • Janet Montgomery as insides Sharp
  • Jocko Sims as Floyd Reynolds
  • Tyler Labine as Ignatius
  • Anupam Kher as Vijay Kapoor
  • Ana Villafane as Valentine Castro
  • Zabrina Guevara as Dora
  • Alejandro Hernandez as nurse Casey Acosta
  • Lisa o hare as Georgia Goodwin
  • Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre

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Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know.

Elite is the Spanish thriller drama web tv series created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona. This was made for Netflix. The series portrays class differentiation between the middle class and the upper class and the change in the lifestyle, way of thinking. This series revolves around three working-class teenage students and their relationships with their high-class classmates and friends. The series is worth giving a watch.

Release date for Elite Season 4

Is not officially declared that when the season 4 be released, but as per the statistics go, season one was released on October 5 in 2018, season two went out on September 6 in 2019, and season three was aired on March 13 in 2020, following these dates we might consider that the season 4 might drop between October 2022 April 2021. Delays due to the pandemic situation worldwide, COVID-19 and the mess that it has created draws back the release of the season4.

Elite Season 4 Cast

The good news for the lovers of elite series is that this season would be considered as the final season with all the untangled secrets to be solved. It is also rumored that some of the mean leading actors would drop out their roles, and some new faces will be introduced in the upcoming season. The information was given by Netflix, where it tweeted, “Behind the scenes of elite season three as Easter, Danna, Alvaro, Mina, and Jorge say goodbye.”

Plot of Elite Season 4

There are many rumors in the industry, but words cannot be relied upon while it is not clear about what the plot of the season would be. Still, there are many rumors in the industry, but rumors cannot be relied upon while it is not clear about what the plot of the season would be, but it will surely be worth waiting for.

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Entertainment Netflix TV Show

Dirty Money Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Recent Update.

What can we expect from season 3 of the series Dirty Money? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know about the cast plot and release date of the series Dirty Money Season 3.

Dirty Money Season 3: Release Date

The documentary series Dirty Money first returned to our screens in 2018 but returned with six new episodes on Wednesday, March 11. Fans are now wondering if the Netflix series will return for the third time once again. So far, Netflix hasn’t introduced if there might be a third Dirty Money series.

 The second season was released last week, so it’s still a bit early to say if there will be any new episodes now. The streaming service will review social media engagement rates and rating data to help them decide on the future of the show. Netflix generally takes about a month to announce a show’s renewal or cancellation.

Dirty Money Season 3: Plotline

 In the second season, the series focuses on the accounting scandal of the financial services company Wells Fargo. Bankers at local branches open accounts for people without telling them and give details about how the culprits were caught and interviews with people about the effects of this. But this is not the only case where this series rotates with each other, which is Jared Kushner. The third episode of the second season to which Slumlord Millionaire is entitled investigates his business and uses his political position to his advantage.

Following the same pattern as season one, the entirety of the series turns into various scams, corruption, and fraud. The series is produced by Oscar-winning documentary producer Alex Gibney, who investigates financial crime in the corporate world. The season features interviews with famous faces like Donald and Ivanka Trump, Hillary Clinton, Stuart Johnson, etc. If a third series was up for grabs, fans should expect to see more celebrity interviews.

Dirty Money Season 3: Cast

  • Adam Del Deo.
  • Yon Motskin.
  • Lisa Nishimura.
  • Stacey Offman.
  • Jason Spingarn-Koff.
  • Alex Gibney.

Entertainment Movies

Bird Box 2 : Sequel Is In Development At Netflix! Confirmed!

We are now limited to our homes and watching movies and shows. Bird Box’s first part showed the circumstance of lockdown and how staying at home could save your life from the creatures out there looking for man blood.

Sandra Bullock’s starter was none not actually a showstopper and very like A Quiet right on the money on the same stage, and now a continuation is in progress according to a couple of breaks.

Will There Be Bird Box 2

The makers of Bird Box, Josh Malerman, certified that there would be a continuationsure.

He revealed a couple of real factors about the sequel and mentioned that: He can’t state a lot regarding it, and it’s beginning at now within the development of the difficulty is anxious.

What’s The Production Replace

No Production plans have been revealed for the sequel, so clearly, the project was simply considered for the further procedure. Regardless, considering current circumstances, it’s common that there was no shooting or production that happened for Bird Box as the Covid-19 pandemic was on its apex. Now the conditions are coming back to common, and we expect the shooting for the sequel will start soon.

Expected Release Date

However, fans want to know the release date, but the sad news is that we don’t have any official release date for the sequel. However, if we are giving an expected air date, by then, it could be a good relief for the fans.

We expect the production of the second part starts soon, and it will end by late 2021, so the movie may release in mid-2022 for sure. Till then, wait for the official news. We will update you with the latest update about the sequel.

Entertainment Movies TV Show

Mission Impossible 7 ; Tom Cruise Captured Doing A Fight Scene, Release Date?

Directors Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise return for Mission Impossible 7. A total of six films were released, all of which were huge box office successes and also garnered everyone’s recognition. Cruise, McQuarrie, Jake Myers, and David Ellison are producing the next film. Next, we’ll also get the sequel to Mission Impossible. So everyone is looking forward to this next action movie. Previously, the shooting was called off due to a coronavirus outbreak.

But now filming has resumed and Cruise recently rehearsed for a fight sequence.

Mission Impossible 7: Tom Cruise Risks His Life While Doing A Fight Scene

On February 20, 2020, filming began for the next film, but Paramount soon had to stop it due to a coronavirus epidemic. On July 6, 2020, Mission Impossible 7 received permission to resume filming following a coronavirus shutdown. Also, filming started in Norway and our action star Tom Cruise was seen rehearsing for an action sequence in the next movie.

Tom Cruise was wearing a mask and was practicing with the specialist. In addition, the star performed a very dangerous stunt that included a helicopter; It seems that the seventh part is even more exciting. During the filming of the movie, Tom Cruise leased a ship for the crew to avoid any type of delay to the flick.

What’s The Release Date For Mission Impossible 7?

Due to production delays, Paramount also postponed the release of Mission Impossible 7. Its premiere was scheduled for July 23, 2021. It will now land on the multiplex on November 19, 2021.

Paramount also postponed the release of Mission Impossible 8. Filming for the eighth and ninth part will be consecutive. Now it will arrive in 2022.

Who All May Appear In Mission Impossible 7?

Here is the list of the cast for the flick:

  • Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
  • The wing is classified as Luther Stickel
  • Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Ibiza Faust
  • Vanessa Kirby as Alana Metropolis
  • Henry Czerny as Eugene Kittridge

Entertainment Netflix TV Show

The Gifted Season 3: Will The Drama Return For A New Season, Facts Known About It.

What can we expect from season 3 of the series The Gifted? What are the recent updates? Here is everything you should know about the cast plot and release date of the series The Gifted Season 3.

The Gifted Season 3: Release Date

After two seasons, Fox has decided to cancel ‘The Gifted Season 3. The possible reason for this cancellation may be the decrease in the audience. Matt Nix revealed that the show was one of the least rated and least-watched shows on the platform.

He even went on to say that since the show was a primetime tv show, he wanted its viewership ratings to be higher than his own. Fox has canceled The Gifted, but that doesn’t mean the show will never happen. In fact, other networks may choose shows and orders for additional seasons.In fact, the show’s producer, the Knicks, previously revealed that they have plans for next season. Along with this, fans also look very sad that they were canceled. Therefore, having another dreamer take over the show is not a bad idea. While critics liked the show, audiences didn’t like it. The live broadcast of the show has sunk for a second season. The first season had almost three million viewers. At the same time, the second season slipped below two million. At the end of the second season, the present had only one.6 million views by the tip.

The Gifted Season 3: Plotline

At the end of the show’s second season, the display indicated a possible season 3. The finale featured “Omens,” where Palak opened a front door, giving a glimpse of the apocalyptic world on the other side. He invited other mutants to join him. The Knicks said they had ideas for a possible season 3 of The Gifted. He hinted that the upcoming season would be something we can report on for Days of Future Past.

However, this will not be a direct adaptation. The first season sparked a showdown between Sentinel Services and Veer Mutant Underground. The second season increased the scope of the show. He focused on the defeat of the inner circle. So, the heroes begin plans for a new mutant underground. But then Blink opens the black future to a deeper reality. If the program is picked up by another platform, we’ll make sure to update it, so stay tuned.